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Version: 4.0.0



The from Surface generator creates a regularly spaced trajectory that will parse the whole surface. It is very useful for Sanding, polishing or surface treatment purposes.

The first step is to select one or multiple connected surfaces that will be parsed.



In order to select multiple surface holt the CTRL Key pressed.

The Create from Surface generator creates its waypoints by slicing the selected surfaces with regularly spaced parallel planes. Once the selected surfaces are validated by clicking Next, you can specify the settings that you wish to apply to the waypoints generation :


  • 1 : The Offset parameter will set how far appart from all edges you want your surfacing operation to be executed.
  • 2 : The Spacing parameter will set the distance between the successive parallel cutting planes. It corresponds to the spacing between two successive lines for the surface parsing.
  • 3 : The Decimation parameters sets the distance between two consecutive waypoints in a straight parsing line.
  • 4 : The Rx, RY, RZ parameters will set the orientations of the slicing planes. The Align with Surface normal Button will realign the planes with the mean of the surface normal.
  • 5 : The Gizmo that appears in the center of the planes can be used to set the Rx, Ry, Rz manually.


Then it is possible to chose the starting and ending points of the Surface trajectory by clicking on the Intersection points that appeared on the surfaces.


And then the orientation seed can be set by changing the Rx, Ry and Rz value or by using the Gizmo.


The Orientation seed is used for the orientation of the X and Y axis for the whole Surface trajectory. The Z axis is set from the surface normals but in order to keep a consistant orientation of the other axis it is possible to set the orientation around the Z axis that is wanted at the first waypoint and the other ones will be oriented to match the seed as much as possible.