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Version: 4.0.0


The File Generator allows to import csv coordinate files to create Waypoints in Fuzzy Studio.

That allows to use exterior tools to create trajectories before importing them in Fuzzy Studio.


It is possible to import .fstraj files that come from our trajectory export feature.

Imported CSV file are typed in that manner :


With the X, Y and Z coordinates specified in milimeters and the Rx, Ry and Rz value in degrees in the Euler XYZ Extrinsic convention. Motion_type can be Spline, Joint, Line or JointSpline. Pause_duration is in seconds and blending_radius in percents.

The Motion_type, Pause_duration and blending radius properties can be left empty (while keeping the comma) and will be Joint, 0 and 0 by default.

First click the … Button to browse and load your Trajectory file and then click the Add to the end button.



It is possible to change the order you add waypoints by clicking on the arrow on the right of the Add to the end button to select a different mode :

  • Add to the end will add created waypoints at the end of the Trajectory,
  • Add at the start will add created waypoints at the start of the Trajectory
  • Add after will add created waypoints after the last selected Waypoint in the Trajectory
  • Replace waypoints will replace all the waypoints in the Trajectory