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Version: 4.0.0


The Edge generator creates regularly spaced waypoints around one or multiple successive contours of a surface with all waypoint normal to the generation surface.


In order to create a Edge trajectory you need to first select a surface and then select one contour of that surface while pressing the CTRL Key or by using the Middle mouse click.

Then you can change the generator parametors :


  • Decimation : Spacing between two consecutive waypoints for a straight line.
  • Offset : Offset from the contour that determines the distance inside or outside of the workpiece we want our waypoints to be placed.
  • Chain selection : Creates waypoints on all successive contours of the one selected if ticked.

In order to add the waypoints you can then click on the Add to the end button.



It is possible to change the order you add waypoints by clicking on the arrow on the right of the Add to the end button to select a different mode :

  • Add to the end will add created waypoints at the end of the Trajectory,
  • Add at the start will add created waypoints at the start of the Trajectory
  • Add after will add created waypoints after the last selected Waypoint in the Trajectory
  • Replace waypoints will replace all the waypoints in the Trajectory

The Edge operation only works on CAD Files that provide contour informations, such as STEP files.