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Version: 4.0.0

Trajectory Library



The trajectory library is a list of created trajectories.

You can create a new one (1), edit a trajectory’s name (2), preview it (3), duplicate a trajectory (4) and delete it (5).

When you click on a trajectory it becomes selected and its waypoints appear in the Waypoint List.

Trajectory properties panel

You can also access the Trajectory properties panel in the right panel when a trajectory is selected.


There you can change the Position and Orientation of the origin of the trajectory with the Transform parameter


In Fuzzy Studio, every element’s position is defined in space by its Transform Parameter.


A transform is composed of a Reference Frame (1) and a Position and Rotation element (2).

The position and the rotation of an element is expressed relatively to the Reference element. Rotations are set according to Euler XYZ extrinsic conventions.

The Reference element can be the world origin, the origin of a CAD, a Reference Frame or the origin of a trajectory.



You can add a Trail to the trajectory that will create a shape at the TCP’s position during preview. It is useful if you want to have a rough preview of the effect zone of your tool during the trajectory.


You can Export your trajectories into a .csv or .fstraj file that can later be used by other tools or if you want to later import it on another instance of Fuzzy Studio or in an other project. This will open a popup that will allow you to chosed the save path of your trajectory.


It is also possible to disable the collision warning popup that will appear if your trajectory contains a collision.