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Version: 4.0.0

Robot Saved positions

Fuzzy Studio allows you to save multiple robot configurations in the Robot Saved Position panel :


Those positions are saved as Joint Configuration and show both the Joint Configuration and the resultant cartesian position depending on the tool that is attached to your robot.


Saving a position

In order to save a position, you need click the Add new position button. This will add the current robot configuration to the list of the Saved robot positions.

This configuration can then be changed by selecting and setting the values for the cartesian position and rotation of the tool in the Saved Position or by modifying the Joint positions of the robot.

Using a saved position


Once a Saved position is set, it is possible to very easily create Linear or Joint Trajectories to this position by clicking the Move to by Linear or Move to by joints button. This will create a new trajectory joining the actual robot position and the selected one with a Linear or with a Joint Motion.