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Version: 4.0.0

Object Management

In Fuzzy Studio, you can import CADs, Primitives, Point Clouds and you can create Reference Frames. Each of them are objects.

Selecting objects

In Fuzzy Studio an object is selectable if its contours turn orange when you hover your mouse over it. Then if you left click it will be selected, selected objects contours are blue. If the hovered or selected object is a parent of other objects, then all the contours of the childs of this object will be colored as if they were selected or hovered as well.


Moving objects

Every Object in Fuzzy Studio is defined by a transform of its origin relative to the origin of our world.

In order to move an object, you first need to select it and then the Gizmo will appear at its origin.


Then you can select the center of the Gizmo to move the object in the camera plane or you can move it using the Axis Arrows and Arcs. A snapping of 100mm for axis translation and 10 degrees for axis rotation is enabled by default, to disable this snapping keep the CTRL Key pressed.

This allows to move object rapidly and to adjust their positions within seconds but to get a precise positionnning of objects you can use the Parameters panel that is in the Right panel of Fuzzy Studio :


In the Parameters panel you have access to the transform of your object and you can modify its coordinates by typing them.


Object parameters

In Fuzzy Studio, every element’s position is defined in space by its Transform Parameter.


A transform is composed of a Reference Frame (1) and a Position and Rotation element (2).

The position and the rotation of an element is expressed relatively to the Reference element. Rotations are set according to Euler XYZ extrinsic conventions.

The Reference element can be the world origin, the origin of a CAD, a Reference Frame or the origin of a trajectory.

For CAD Objects there also is a Render parameter that allows user to set wether or not they want the CAD to be rendered on the scene.