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Version: 4.9.0

Robot Control Panel

The Robot Control Panel is used to set the connection between Fuzzy Studio and RTOS.

The Ready to run status icon indicates whether the system, whether real or simulated, is Ready to run or not.


Click the Fuzzy RTOS Connection button to Enable the connection on the Fuzzy Studio side (and the RTOS Launcher for the RTOS side).

Fuzzy RTOS Simulation is integrated in Fuzzy Studio, so the system is Ready to run upon connection is simulation mode.


Control mode

If you are connected to a Fuzzy RTOS IPC you can switch between the Simulation and Real Robot mode.


For the Simulation Mode it is entirely dependant on wether the RTOS Drivers have been correctly loaded or not. For the Real Robot Mode it depends on the RTOS Drivers but also on the status of the robot, if the emergency stop is pressed or an error is present on the robot controller side, the indicator will be red.

Operational mode

Operational modes

You can switch between the Manual or Auto mode.

  • Manual: Safe mode. Enable jogging by pressing the CTRL key (Deadman), and the Manual button will turn yellow.
  • Auto: Less constrained mode. Jogging button is enabled and you can play your trajectories with a single click on play.

Speed mode

Speed modes

Two speed modes are available:

  • Reduced: 250 mm/s cartesian speed limit and 100°/s joint speed limit.
  • Fast: 2000 mm/s cartesian speed limit and 200°/s joint speed limit.