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Version: 4.3.0

Scene Manipulation


The Fuzzy Studio scene is a 3D environment that can be manipulated by using the mouse.

3 modes are available :

'Scene manipulation'

  • The Zoom mode allows to zoom in and out on the scene when you hold the left click
  • The Panning mode allows to pan the view on the scenewhen you hold the left click
  • The Orbital mode allows to rotate the view around the center of the view when you hold the left click. It is the default mode

When you are using an external mouse and your are in the Orbital mode, you can use :

  • The left click will rotate the view
  • The Right click will zoom in and out
  • The Middle click will pan the view
  • Holding the left and Right click at the same time will pan the view


Also you can use the View Cube that is in the bottom right of the Scene. It allows to easily change the camera positioning with a centering made on the robot (natively placed in the heart of the scene). It also shows the Worlds referential orientation.