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Version: 4.2.0

Fuzzy RTOS Launcher

The Fuzzy RTOS Launcher is used in order to setup the RTOS IPC correctly for the Robot used.


(1) IP address of the IPC: Type the address of the RTOS IPC you want to connect to, or click the Refresh button to trigger an auto-search.

(2) Connect to IPC button: Used to establish the connection to the RTOS IPC. This button is grayed out when it is not possible to connect. A status LED to the left of this button indicates the connection state.

(3) Check License button: Used to check and set up the RTOS license.

(4) Controller/Robot Rolldown: Specify your controller model and robot to use the Load drivers button below it.

(5) Real/Sim Robot box: Specify whether you want to use RTOS to control a real robot or only in simulation. ⚠️ The Real Robot Driver won't be loaded if you're not connected to the real robot.

(6) IP address of your Fuzzy Studio computer. You can add a certificate if you use a security certificate for your connection.

(7) Start Broker Button: Starts the broker that connects the RTOS computer and the RTOS IPC.

(8) Fuzzy RTOS IPC Version: The version of the Fuzzy RTOS IPC you're connected to. This information is needed for support requests.