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Version: 4.2.0

Custom Network Configuration

Since version 3.6, Fuzzy RTOS is packaged with cockpit, a web dashboard that can be used to change various system settings.

The administration page can be found at https://fuzzy-rtos-address:9090.

The WAN interface is configured as a DHCP client by default. If your setup requires a static IP address (to integrate it with already configured devices for instance), it is possible to set it up in the dashboard.

If you don’t have a router or DHCP server available, there are software options available, like

See documentation on the next documentation page



The user name is root and the default password is “FuzzyLogic!”.

Network settings

Under the networking tab, you should see two interfaces, depending on the IPC:

  • Karbon 4x0: enp6s0 (RT) & enp7s0 (WAN)
  • Simatic IPC127E: eno2 (RT) & ?
  • Advantech MIC-770: enp2s0 (RT) & ?

The WAN interface is configured as a DHCP client by default but you can change this behavior by clicking on the interface name:


You can then click on edit next to IPv4 or IPv6; For a static IPv4 config, your settings should look similar to this:


Be careful to not specify the same subnet as the RT interface (connected to the robot controller) unless you also specify custom routes.