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Version: 4.10.0

Trajectory Generator panel

Trajectory Speed

In the Trajectory Speed menu, two modes are available and both have different settings that will affect the trajectory generation :



The Optimized mode will generate the trajectory without respecting a constant speed constraint : each segment will be played at its maximum possible speed while respecting the Speed limit value.

  • The Speed limit is a value that can be set either by the text box or by the slider and that detemines the maximum speed at which each segment will be played.


The Fixed mode will generate the trajectory with respect to a constant speed constraint : the whole trajectory will be played at a constant speed (except for a small acceleration and deceleration slope around pauses and the start and end of the trajectory). So every part of the trajectory will be played at the lowest maximum possible speed of each segment of the trajectory in order to keep a constant speed.

  • The Desired max speed is a Text box and a Cursor that allows to set the speed of the generated Trajectory.
  • The Warn if desired speed is not respected box can be ticked to get a warning popup if the trajectory cannot be played at the desired speed. As we’re making our trajectories in constant speed, if it has closed angle direction changes with small blending it greatly reduces the possible max speed of the trajectory.
  • The Possible max speed in red is a text that will show the actual possible max speed of the trajectory if played in constant speed if the actual max speed is lower than the Desired max speed.
  • The Auto generation box will trigger a new generation every time a Waypoint’s position or Interpolation Type is changed or if the generation speed is changed. That is usefull to quickly see the output of the generation but it can also make the workflow slower due to the generation processing.
  • The Check for collision button will verify wether your trajectory will have collisions or not when playing it (collisions are based on the Digital twin only).
  • The Generate button//Force generation will trigger a new generation of the trajectory.

Trajectory Tool

Robot tools are linked to trajectories which improves the handling of robot tools as trajectory parameters.

You can configure the specific tool and TCP you want to generate a trajectory. Click the book icon to select a different tool from your tool library and select the TCP of your choice among the available TCPs for that tool.


The default tool selected in this menu will be the one currently attached on the robot. If no tool is attached it will be an empty tool by default.


If you choose to generate the trajectory with a different tool than the one currently attached to your robot, the tool chosen for generation will not visually replace the current tool attached to your robot in the simulation. It will simply allow the trajectory to be generated with a different TCP.