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Version: 4.0.1

Trajectory Generator panel

In the Trajectory Generator panel, you have different settings that will affect the trajectory generation :


  • The Desired max speed is a Text box and a Cursor that allows to set the maximum speed of the generated Trajectory. Trajectories played in Fuzzy Studio are played in constant resultant speed except for the accelerations and decelerations around points where there are pauses and at the start and end of a trajectory.
  • The Warn if desired speed is not respected box can be ticked to get a warning popup if the trajectory cannot be played at the desired speed. As we’re making our trajectories in constant speed, if it has closed angle direction changes with small blending it greatly reduces the possible max speed of the trajectory.
  • The Force constant speed box forces all segments of the trajectory to be played at the same constant speed.
  • The Auto generation box will trigger a new generation every time a Waypoint’s position or Interpolation Type is changed. That is usefull to quickly see the output of the generation but it can also make the workflow slower.
  • The Generate button will trigger a new generation of the trajectory.
  • The Check for collision button will verify wether your trajectory will have collisions or not when playing it (collisions are based on the Digital twin only).