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Version: 4.0.0

Fuzzy Studio Installation

To install our softwares you will receive an installer file with a .msi extension like this one :


The name of the file contain several info. For example in “fuzzy-studio-3.5.0-c0ae61f5d-win64” we have :

  • 3.5.0 stand for the version of Fuzzy Studio.
  • c0ae61f5d is a tag related to your specific version.
  • win64 is the required operating system for this installer.



  • What happens if I already have a version of FS or RTOS ?

    If the current installed version is older it will be replaced.

    If the current installed version is the same or newer, it will not. If you want to install an older version, you will have to uninstall it beforehands.